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Information about the Delightful Drawings Newsletter:

I've decided to discontinue the Delightful Drawings Newsletter. The main reason is that I was spending lots of time writing tutorials and working on my web site and wasn't gaining anything financially. Although monetary gain wasn't my main goal in doing the site, I had hoped it would at least pay for itself, and that hasn't happened. I have learned lots about web design and writing html, and for a time it was lots of fun. I do like having a web site and want to continue adding to it over time. However, it isn't my main focus right now.

Some of the things I'm doing instead are teaching more computer classes, creating digital scrapbooking elements and working on selling them, exercising, and spending time with my family. I currently don't want to sell my digital scrapbooking graphics through my own site, as that would put me back in the position of spending my time managing the site. I've applied to become a designer at a couple sites that sell digital scrapbooking graphics. Once I've found a site that is a good match to sell my graphics I'll update this site with links to my sets.

I plan to create more email graphics and little goodies to share as freebies, and post them here. I will update this Search page with links to those as I get them done. I'll also be posting PhotoShop CS2 tutorials here instead of Paint Shop Pro as I'm now teaching PhotoShop at SLCC in their Computer Workshops division and want to share info with my students.

I will leave links to the info contained in the newsletters here.The site terms and conditions apply to everything published on this site so please be sure to read the terms and conditions before proceeding.


Links to Newsletter Questions and Answers


Modifying text after saving the file
This question was submitted by Karen L. Howard:  I use PSP 9 to label screen shots using vector text. However, I have not been able to figure out how to change a label after I close and reopen a file. I save everything as a GIF. Any suggestions?
Answer:  Vector text and objects are only able to be modified in their vector form in later edits if... (for the rest of the answer click on the link above)

Saving a transparent GIF in PSP
This question was submitted by Reva:  How do I save a transparent GIF in PSP? I tried to save a paint roller(for example), and it changes the color on the roller.
Answer:  A file can be saved as a GIF simply by choosing File > Save as > Save as type > CompuServe Graphics Interchange (*.gif). However, I find my results are much better when... (for the rest of the answer click on the link above)


Creating, Formatting, and Modifying Text
Have you ever wondered about the nuances of the Text tool? Like what are kerning and leading? How and why would I adjust the miter settings, and what does it effect? Learn more about using the Text tool and adjusting these settings and others.

Which type of text should I create: vector, floating or selection?
The answer to this question explains what each type of text is, what they are typically used for and how to use them.


How do I move a selection?
To move a selection marque and it's contents use one of the selection tools (ie: the Selection tool, Freehand Selection tool, or the Magic Wand tool), hold down the...

On the Magic Wand and some of the other tools there is a setting for Tolerance. What does it mean?
The tolerance setting helps determine the similarity of...


How do I create a pixel outline?
When creating my pixel outlines I use several methods. Sometimes I create my outlines by...

What is resampling and how does it work with resizing?
When an image is resized and resample is checked, the original pixels are changed by adding or subtracting pixels. This is done to make an image larger or smaller, which also...


What is a pixel?
You've probably heard the phrase pixels per inch or have heard an image described as pixelated, and you may have even heard images referred to as pixels. To begin to understand what all this means...

How do I prevent my images from looking pixelated (jagged)?
Images created in Paint Shop Pro with an appropriate resolution will typically have smooth edges and soft, semi-transparent shadows. However, once the image is transfered to Animation Shop and adjusted, things can change drastically just by saving the image as a gif. Learning how to adjust the optimization settings to prevent pixelization (jagged edges) and distorted shadows is...