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Site Terms and Conditions 

Please read the terms and conditions of use below completely before saving images from my site, following my tutorials or in general using my site in any way. Thanks so much for your honesty!

Some of the graphics displayed on my site will be free to snag (save and use), and they'll be marked as such. However, if something isn't marked as free or snaggable then please don't save, copy or use it in any way. Please don't modify or use part or all of my snaggable images to create something new, unless otherwise specified (as in the case of the tag starters or outlines which are for that purpose). Please don't offer my snaggables anywhere else, including through email. Please give proper credit by not claiming my work as your own, and not removing my initials and/or copyright from any of my work. Taking any of the afore mentioned actions would be a violation of copyright and is considered stealing.

Images made from my tutorials, outlines or tag starters are not to be profited from in any way. They are not to be offered as snaggable on another web site, included in a collection or used in making tags for profit. They can be made into tags for yourself or others as long as there is no charge, and they aren't posted on a site where anyone is making a profit from them directly or indirectly. They can be shared on a message board or via email as long as what you're sharing isn't a blank tag starter or outline (ie: you must add your text to the tag starter or color the outline, etc. in accordance with the explanation on my site by the image), they are marked as not to be modified, and not available for use in someone else's tutorial or to be sold or profited from. They can also be displayed on a nonprofit web site. When displaying my images or images made using my tutorials I would appreciate a link back to my site, but I don't require it.

Outlines, blanks or tag starters are not to be offered elsewhere (not on a web page, message board or through email). They are for your use only. If someone sees a tag you've created with one of my outlines, blanks or tag starters and wants to make a tag using them, then please refer them to my site. Images made from my tutorials, outlines or tag starters cannot be claimed under another copyright, even if pixels were changed or the tutorial instructions were not followed completely. The ideas are mine and the copyright remains mine as well. You may add your initials (without the copyright symbol) as long as credit is still given to me for the copyright.

I wrote the tutorials on my site and they are also copyrighted. Feel free to link to my tutorials, but please don't copy my content or images (including the screen shots). Please don't rewrite any of my content or display my tutorials on another site. Please don't send my tutorials via email. You may print out a copy for use in completing the tutorial only. Images made using my tutorials are not to be used for profit.

Please don't save, copy, modify, or use the following in any way: my site background, web buttons or logo (the one at the top). Please don't steal my bandwidth, and please any violations of the site terms and conditions.

By saving one of my images or reading/following one of my tutorials you have automatically accepted the terms and conditions of my site whether you read the terms or not. The terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and changes are retroactive.

Although I don't currently require a link back to my site when using my snags, or when displaying images made using my tutorials, I do greatly appreciate it. To use the image I've provided below for that purpose, save the image and follow the instructions in the link tutorial.

Mini Delightful Drawings Logo

Click here to open a new window where you can right click to save this image to use in creating a link back to my site.

If you'd like to contact me you can send me an and I'll get back to you as soon as I am able.

You can support my site and help me keep it free by setting my search page as your home page. Then whenever you need to search the web you can use the Google search box on that page to do so. I'll be updating the site regularly so be sure to check back frequently, and if you have a few seconds to spare, and can take a moment to click on one of the advertisement links on the right I'd really appreciate it. Every click makes a difference.

Thanks for coming to take a look around, and thanks so much for being honest! I hope you enjoy what you find here and come back often!

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